Show Entrance

Just a note to everyone that will have a pre-registered car in the show, or if you will be registering your car at the show, we have an entrance specified for just show cars only.

The main gate off of 1st street this year will be dedicated to two lanes of spectators only.

Show cars will enter on 2nd street to a dedicated entrance for them.

Trailers: No trailers inside fairgrounds. If bringing trailer take 1st street (spectator entrance). Fees will need to be paid in full. At the end of 1st street park in the lot on the right. Unload and drive back to show car entrance on 2nd st. Trailer parking is limited, cars are meant to be driven.

We are hoping that this will speed up your entrance and limit the bottlenecking of trying to get people in off of Hwy 92. There will be lots of signage directing you in, but just keep in mind when approaching the fairgrounds driving in.

 Platte Co. Fairgrounds Map

Platte Co. Fairgrounds Map


Once again the Punk Rods have personally picked 16 cars/trucks/motorcycles for a special indoor display.
So be sure to make your way to the main building and take it all in! This year’s display features:

Ron Thomas- ’57 Chevy

Paul Langley- ’50 Chevy

Chuck Pennington- ’29 Model A roadster

Terry Whittle- ’34 Ford coupe

Floyd Dutton- ’58 Edsel wagon

Michael Boos- ’31 Model A sedan



Every year proceeds  from Greaserama go to different charities. We hand pick these local foundations every year to try and help the people that help others.


Alive and Well Communities

Friends of KC Animals

Midwest Music Foundation

Veterans Community Project


Hot Rod Heuy


Von Mex

Jim Miles


Lizzie Fenwick

Vendor List 2017

Sailor Jerry’s Garage
John  Wells Low Brow Arms Dealer
Speed Cult
Drag Daddy
Marcy’s Hot Rod Oddities
Lugnut Industries
Ed Roth Rat Fink T-Shirts
Rise and Shine Enterprises
Skeleton Key KC
Red Legger Studio
Monsters Are Good
Hazel Ray
Dirtbag Art
rockAbaby Clothing
Magnificent Cow Lick Media
 Lucy’s Hair Accessories
Munsters Design LLC


Keep the Bitch Floored Hot Rod Gear
R Jay’s Speed Shop
Kookiez Jewelry
Thorazine Twostep
Devil In Disguise Pinup
Jones Design



Boy Scout Troop 60 Campfire Wieners
Bill Todd’s Famous Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
 Mad Man’s KC BBQ with Old Fashioned Churned and Nitro Ice Cream
 Manns Concessions
 Scimeca’s Italian Sausage and Sugar Daddy’s Lemonade
 Smish Smash Sandwich Co.
 Pizza Hut
Little Italy