For our first show in ’01- the flier read:

“No classes-No trophies” But we couldn’t resist whipping up a half dozen trophies out of old auto parts and rattle cans: The tradition continues….

Here are some perennial “pick” trophies:

Jaw dropper

not necessarily best-in-show, but a version of it. Most striking “Wow Factor” car. Usually the largest trophy, sometimes obnoxiously so, and heavy.

The biggest so far- 90 pounds

Fool Injected

Most radical intake, not necessarily the most efficient for the car either. Just crazy of over-the-top lookin

Eyenstein Award

For innovation and fabrication, backyard engineering


Most Monstrous/Rothesque




Pre 55 Lowrider

We’ve also had kinda traditional award: Chop, Mill, Pre-War Pick(pre-WWII style hot rod), Kustom, Hot Rod, Chopper, Paint, Lowrider(traditional lowrider,not lowest car). And we’ve always invited other clubs and shops to contribute and pick: Misfits Pick, Boneheads Pick, Road Ratz Favorite, KC Kustoms, Ol School Deluxe Award, Knucklebusters Pick. Kevin Broderick has been a perennial non-Punk Rod trophy builder as well

The bulk of the trophies have always been made by the Punk Rods: from used up parts and plastic skulls and we’ve done it different every year- from one guy crankin’ out a dozen, to nearly every club member doing at least one. Usually, one of the trophies ends up getting misspelled, Its a┬átradition at this point

The Picks are made by the individual trophy creators and a couple of out-of-town guest judges, which have included people like: Roger Ward, Speed Kings C.C., Omaha, Greg from Voodoo Machine / Ratty Bastards C.C. OKC, Outkasts C.C. KS.

Judging will start at NOON Sunday and Awards to be presented at 3pm

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