Lily’s Greasy Gallery

Greaserama™ is the creation of Punk Rod Todd (R.I.P. 11-16-65 to 6-21-12)

Lily’s Greasy Gallery 2017

Art and cars have always gone hand in hand. While some art is created on canvas, some art is created with steel and we are lucky to merge this talent into our 17 year tradition, called GREASERAMA and Lily’s Greasy Gallery.

As you walk around the car show and notice the craftsmanship and individuality that all those vehicles represent by their creators, take into consideration that they truly are pieces of art. Art is everywhere at GREASERAMA not only from the cars, the bands and the individuality of personal dress or hairstyles of our attendees, but we are especially proud to bring the Kustom Kulture, lowbrow visions of so many talented artists from all over this nation to a gallery that is only open once a year at GREASERAMA, Lily’s Greasy Gallery.

So if you think the cars, the bands or the people are unique at our show please take a moment to stop into Lily’s Greasy Gallery. This is our showing of not only artists that you may see in many national hot rod magazines or on the internet, but also we support many local artists from right here in the midwest and Kansas City. For those of you that love art, we the Punk Rods pay homage to the creators that take those mind blowing visions and put them into a perspective that you can see and enjoy with your own eyes.

This year’s submissions are from the following artists:

Ben “Drag Daddy” Mitchell, Kirsten Easthope-Queen Pin De Luxe, Todd Jones, Big Toe, Bob “The Serial Artist” Crouch, Black Magic, Lugnut, Abnormal Norman, Dennis Menace, Jay Hollopeter, Hot Rod Heuy, Amy Abshier, Krysztof Nemeth, Jason Tingler, Neko “The Crazy Painter” Lynn, Doc Thomas, Nick Perry, John Wilkins, Jay Painter, Jamey Jordan, Stefanie Lizet, Nick Sinclair, Nrodz, Sam Karstens, Jimbo, Kyle Osborn, Jason Woods, Zach Brotherton, Lizzie Fenwick, Nate Greco, PR Paul Kester, PR Shawn Spiwak, PR Weird Harold.

Lily’s Greasy Art Gallery Hours

Saturday 2PM to 9PM Sunday Noon to 6PM


Eric Myers

Harold Simmons

For submission inquiries or any question regarding our art exhibit please contact the curators

Eric Myers

Harold Simmons