Lily’s Greasy Gallery

Lily’s Greasy Art Gallery

Greaserama™ is the creation of Punk Rod Todd (R.I.P. 11-16-65 to 6-21-12)


As you come in and enjoy the creative “Lowbrow” style of art in Lily’s Greasy gallery this year, you will be entering one of the best sideshows in the surrounding Kansas City area.

This year with our “Carnival Sideshow” theme for GREASERAMA #16 we have a lot of artists that will make you gasp, scream and become stunned with amazement! Come one come all and enter the gallery of color and visual stimulants. You will see artist grasping our theme through multiple mediums to create their visual stimulus just for you, the attendees of GREASERAMA.

Some of the artists that you will see in Lily’s Greasy Gallery have become regulars and we also love to show you new, up and coming creators. You will see artists from all over the nation and even some far off corners of this planet right here in our little art gallery that only happens one weekend out of the year. As always the Punk Rods try to support our Kansas City heritage and we have brought you some great talent from right here in our own carnival world.

Some names you will recognize from publications, the internet or other famous galleries in the U.S. Some you will not, but they all have put their heart into every original piece that is in the gallery and they deserve recognition.

This year’s submissions are from the following artists: Jason Tingler (Our Featured Theme Artist), Ben “Drag Daddy” Mitchell, Big Toe, Nate Greco, Bob Crouch, Todd C Jones, Kirsten Easthope, Neko Lynn, Tom Sciacca, Chad Norman, Mark Harmon, Doc Thomas, Chad Scheres, Amy Abshier, Krysztof Nemeth, Davey Gant, Dan Falconer, Toby Smith, Lizzie Fenwick, Johnny Jalopy, Jay Hollopeter, Doug Cole, Zach Brotherton, Nick Perry, PR Shawn Spiwak, PR Paul Kester, PR Weird Harold.

Lily’s Greasy Art Gallery Hours

Saturday 2PM to 9PM Sunday Noon to 6PM


Eric Myers

Harold Simmons

For submission inquiries or any question regarding our art exhibit please contact the curators

Eric Myers

Harold Simmons