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No Gas Nationals

Hot Rodders-The Original Recyclers!
We car nuts- backyard kustomizers & shade tree grease monkeys- don’t like wasting stuff, especially the good old American steel & tin. It has style, lasts longer, & works better than cheap modern crap.
We’re thrifty: re-use, recycle, and re-purpose perfectly good old stuff some folks regard as dirty, outdated, unfashionable,obsolete. We know that 70 year old desk fan on the curbside just needs a good oiling, and it’s ready to out-live another 10 generations of it’s cheap, plastic counterpart. And it looks a hell of a lot better. We’d rather make it than have it shipped
across the ocean, only to wear out in 3 years, shred it, ship it back across the ocean, then back again as a little cheaper, a little crappier product to sell to another crop of cheap crap addicts. We’re rebellious: like to go fast, look different, make our own decisions, take care of ourselves. So when gas lines come back, when fuel gets more & more expensive, we have the option of using that natural, super computer we all have-Our Brains- to adapt, to make lemonade from lemons, to use these challenges to come up with some crazy, homemade rollin’ contrivance; whether it’s their innovative practicality of dual fuel/electric hybrid technology, the pure cheap weekend fun of a 60+mph downhill 20″ gravity bike or the pure rideable art of a wild kustom bike. Folks are finding out they don’t have to be ever more dependent on foreign oil,have a fat wallet, tons of free time, and garage space to work out of. Kustom, lowrider, & gravity bikes, street luge & long board & even bigger, more powerful electric bikes can be put together in a
dorm room or apartment building in a weekend or two with just a few simple hand tools. There’s really something to be said for the instant gratification of putting together a little-wheeled creation- idea to finish- from Friday to Sunday. It’s a great way to get the kids into the whole ‘machine nut’ hobby too, and healthier than sniffin’ model glue, as fun as that is. There are a few really inspiring ‘Lone Nut’ engineers out there doing all kinds of neat stuff with other than gasoline power & technology: diesels running on used french fry oil, hybrid gas/electric, steam, compressed air, solid fuel rocket boosters, rubber bands (really!!), and especially the transportation power source that has been in use just about as long as gas: Electric. You can fuel it by sun & wind (we got lots of that around here!). The throttle response and torque you can get with electric motors is INSTANT 100% and you can get a lot of power outta one. It’s a blast to be jerked from standing to 35mph in 2 car lengths, silently, on a little 20″ bicycle framed 150-pound scooter. That’s why we have a ‘No Gas’ section; we hope to see more & more of this oddball power show up at Greaserama. It really gets me inspired to see some of the amazing stuff that has come through this special section in the last few years; from Jay Stuart’s full size 100% electric Chevy Van- turned pick-up truck (cruises at hwy speeds), Del Christiansen’s ‘Current Cycle’ super-quick electric hub motor bikes, Fast Eddie’s gravity bikes, to- hopefully- some never seen at Greaserama stuff again this year. Make sure to stop in at this special section hosted by ‘The Eddies’ bike club (the Punk Rods official bike club).

Punk Rod Todd 1965-2012