*Same Old Rules!*


Getting in in the past does not constitute approval.

(Rare) stock cars & cycles til year 64 only.

Pre-72 trucks, wagons, commercial vehicles, old school low riders, cycles, scooters 64-72 model year MUST send photo or detailed description. Misrepresenting your vehicle may result in your entry tag being revoked with no refund. In that case, you will get ONE spectator pass.

Cycles: Post 64 MUST be modified, i.e. chopped, bobbed, stripped down, cafe, tracker. No factory customs, baggers, or flat black billet showroom commandos.

Lowriders: Up to 72 using parts style made only up to that year. MUST be bagged, juiced, or otherwise old school low. No dubs or just painted stockers. MUST BE PRE APPROVED AFTER ’64

Trucks, wagons, commercial vehicles MUST be modified: slammed, chopped, channeled, or unique commercial. Worn out or cut springs on a flat black/rusty farm truck is NOT modified.

Your flat black unfinished billet street rod rat rod is not a real hot rod or kustom. Getting in in the past does not constitute approval.

No Gas section: anything but regular gas-powered. Antique or home-built: pedal power, electric, steam, rocket, etc. You can also park your unique vintage cart or moped in this section. Send in pic of billet lowrider or cruiser bikes. No modern electric factory cars.

Questions? Contact Dave Sprinkle: Dave’s Contact

Registrations are now CLOSED!!!!!! Last chance to preregister is at Lucky Boys Friday Sept 1

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